5 Handy Methods To Brew The Refreshing Coffee While Camping


There’s no finer glory than acing a peak, making a hot coffee, and sipping it under the azure roof. While we renounce fashion staples outdoors, a refreshing cup of coffee is not up for compromise.

Coffee to camping is as significant as blood to veins! Ask serious campers their must-have travel gear, and part of their gear will include a good quality coffee maker.

If you’re new to this adventure, we’ve discussed five tried and tested methods to brew your favourite coffee anytime, anywhere!

The compilation kicks off with the simplest methods and stretches towards more convenient ones. In addition, we’ve recommended few products that we found appropriate for specific tasks. 


Cowboy Coffee

  • No hassle – No grounds
  • A traditional brewing method
  • Attention brings the flavour

Cowboy coffee dates back to the beverage itself. In terms of prerequisites, it is the least demanding option. If the glint of sunlight has provoked your caffeine enthusiasm, all you need to brew a delicious cup of coffee is only a cup and coffee.

Seems easy-peasy! Let’s join the fray.

  • Fill water in your coffee pot and heat it using a campfire or a stove.
  • Mix 1 tbsp of coffee grounds per 8 oz water.
  • Put the pot aside as the first sign of boil appear.
  • Let the brew rest for 5 minutes.
  • If the grounds are still on the surface, sprinkle cold water.
  • Well, the coffee is ready to double your camping fun!

Pour the fluid into your mug. And dispose of the remnants afterwards. Always use a sturdy pot for brewing coffee, such as Mr Coffee Claredale Whistling Tea Kettle.


Pour Over Stands

  • Travel-friendly, inexpensive brewer
  • Rank first in easy cleanup
  • An infinite range of fancy gears

Include a small toy in your backpack, and exclude the entire guesswork!

Cowboy coffee is old-school and plays second fiddle in the wilderness. However, no one would go camping without a proper checklist beforehand. And a pour-over coffee stand tops that list!

The pour-over method symbolizes the unique Australian coffee – solid and smooth.

You can make a camp coffee within five minutes. First, wrap a filter on the stand and add the coarse grounds. Now, mount it over the coffee mug. Then, steadily pour boiled water round and round.

The joy of watching brew and feeling hot pitcher means everything on a camping trip.

We loved this 2xEspresso Stainless Steel Camping Coffee Dripper. It integrates a reusable filter and customizable stand in a compact body. Also, Bodum Coffee Maker is yet another stand-alone masterpiece. 



  • Fast and Furious operation
  • A timeless, classic brewer
  • Percolator is the companion of an outdoorsy

Percolated coffee is an all-time victorious when it comes to brewing a mesmerising cup while camping. Although the ways have revolutionised, percolators still have their place – on our shelves, in our hearts. 

The only downside with brew is that it’s too bold! It spreads the burnt aroma and crunchy tang all around.

At the party of coffeeholic, watered-down wine is uninvited.

Lately, percolators have undergone tons of innovation. But choose a functional model like Ferbware Yosemite 12-Cup Coffee Percolator.

Making coffee with it is as easy as pie!

Start with pouring normal water and filling the grounds. Give them perks for 5-7 minutes. If the cookware has a glass knob, supervise the brew. Afterwards, take some time to appreciate the surroundings.

Kudos! You’ve just prepared caramelly-flavoured coffee. Sip the savour – Live the glamour. 


French Press

  • Rich-tasting camp coffee
  • Prepare many cups at once
  • Time-consuming cleaning process

French Press is one of the few techniques that are healthy for our pocket too. When it’s used at a camping site, the whole group benefit from the barista-worthy coffee.

It’s made of two components: a brew chamber and a plunger.

Add evenly-sized grounds and hot water. Stir the mixture for 30 seconds, and leave it for the next 5 minutes. In the end, insert the plunger and push it downwards to finish the brew.

The way water and grounds contact in a French Press sells and repels. Where it delivers a super-strong hint for coffee snobs, it makes tidying a tiresome task as well.

We've shortlisted two portable products fit for the camping venture. The Bodum Brazil Coffee Maker and 2xEspresso French Press & Mug both offer dishwasher-safe and BPA-free parts.

In case you wish to bypass its downsides, give this all-new Aerospace a whirl. Learn more about the differences between French Press and Aerospace!


Portable Coffee Makers

  • Top-rated brewing gadget on-the-go
  • Easy to assemble, use, and clean
  • Mesmerizing espresso shots

Whether you’re hiking on trails or playing ball games, nothing should repress your love for coffee. But when you miss the earthy flavour of espresso down your throat, things get pretty tricky.

How’d you brew a thick serving without electrical appliances?

The portable coffee maker is the answer! They are the latest to adorn inventories yet the fastest to impress customers.

We recommend this “Wild Espresso” Portable Coffee Maker. It has a tiny and rugged frame, making it perfect for camping coffee. Also, you can go with this highly recommended Wacaco Minipresso GR. However, its tank capacity and thermal stability fall short of the competition.    

It’s a handheld device that opens up in two sections: a water container and filter basket. Pour hot water into one and powder into another. Now, unplug the pump and pressurise it to watch the drops dripping in your carafe, satisfying your passion.


Go camping in the wilderness – Get a stronger connection than Wi-Fi!

Prior to waving farewell, knot these general guidelines to your cortex.

  • Speaking of taste, the brewing method second to the quality of coffee beans.
  • Their Potential hit the zenith on grinding. To instantly transform the beans for the brew, acquire a manual grinder like AdHoc Coffee Grinder.
  • Maintaining a temperature around 200 F or 95 C is crucial for ideal extraction.
  • Since we believe in proper backpacking, it’s pertinent to keep a frothing thermometer with you. This CDN Pro-Accurate Thermometer will do the job.
  • Lastly, the coffee-to-water ratio decides the ultimate strength of the brew. Depending on your preference, adjust it between 1:12 to 1:20.



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