Best Portable Coffee Maker with Grinder 

So you're looking for a portable coffee maker that is portable that can take freshly ground coffee, ground by you! Well you've come to the right place. In this review we're going to take a look at the best portable coffee makers and grinders.

Portable coffee makers are, among other things:


An automatic coffee maker can brew up a cup at the touch of a button. Your morning cup can be just as tasty as it is at home, even on the road.


Fancy lattes and other brews can be expensive. Nice for the occasional treat, but buying one every day can soon add up. Making your own will definitely save you money from the get-go.


Compact, discreet, and easy to take with you, a portable coffee maker can fit in your carry-on bag and be produced for a brew whenever you need.

Blend-able to Suit Your Tastes

Once you get used to using your coffee maker, you will soon be brewing like a barista as you mix blends and flavours to create your own perfect cup.

Thing to consider when looking for a portable coffee maker & grinder


If you're an experience camper or hiker you know that packing efficiently is essential to having a fun trip. It is always smart to look for light weight camping equipment but also equipment that is durable. All the portable coffee makers we review below are light weight but also durable


Traveling can take its toll on your possessions, and you need to make sure that you buy appliances and devices that will go the distance. Stay clear of delicate glass coffee makers and opt instead for reinforced materials such as plastic, silicone, or even aluminum for guaranteed durability.

Ease of clean

Dirty coffee is not good coffee. Consider where you are headed and how easy the coffee maker will be to clean when you get there. If you are hotel-based or have your own apartment, you can enjoy the luxuries of a hot tap and maybe even a dishwasher, but if you are camping in the middle of nowhere, you should choose a coffee maker that is easy to clean, with minimal components.

Brewing time

A portable coffee maker is almost pointless if you have to wait half of your journey time for it to brew. Choose appliances that take between 30 seconds to 5 minutes to brew, and you can enjoy speedy coffee on the go.

Here are our top recommended coffee makers and grinders to buy as a bundle


2X Espresso's "Wild Espresso" Portable Coffee Maker


The Wild Espresso Coffee Maker is the perfect piece of gear to take on your next camping trip. It makes quality cafe style espresso which you can drink straight or add some milk too.

Compact, lightweight and versatile, you will be able to have the perfect coffee anywhere you go... The Wild Espresso is revolutionising the coffee travel industry.

 portable coffee maker

It's insanely simple to use... Add ground coffee to the filter basket with the help of the integrated scoop. Apply slight pressure to level the grind. Add hot water into the water tank. Finally unlock from its travel position the piston and pump a few strokes to pressurise and extract perfect espresso with generous crema

Areopress & Hario Skerton Grinder

Perfect for making 1-3 cups of coffee on your travels, the AeroPress promises to offer a fuller flavor brew than a traditional French press portable coffee makers. Complete with a press, funnel, scoop, stirrer, 350 micro-filters, and a filter holder, this impressive press measures in at 9.5 x 4 x 4 inches — just right for taking with you.

Using the Hario Skerton Grinder will allow you to grind your fresh beans. The grinder is a manual grinder with conical ceramic burrs are designed to remain sharp for many years and will never rust.  

These burrs grind coffee with stellar precision, producing uniform grounds at a variety of grind size settings – from espresso to french press 



If you love to have a well made cup of coffee whilst camping, you're in luck... It has never been easier to have a barista made coffee out in the wilderness. The tools are out there, it is just a case of finding the right tools to match your criteria. 

We hope you found this post helpful and please reach out to us if you have any questions!


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