How To Clean Your Pour Over Filter...

So you have finished making your delicious pour over and now need to clean the filter. Well it's pretty dam simple. 

We recommend waiting a 2-5 mins after you have finished with the filter to allow the coffee grounds to dry up, this will make it easier to tap the grounds out into your bin or compost. 

When tapping your coffee ground out of the filter, just tap as hard as you need to until the majority of the grounds are gone! There will inevitably always be a few grounds that don't come out. 

To get those last few grounds out and to get the filter back to its perfectly clean self run it under the tap and lest the small amount of remaining grounds wash right off, wallah! You're done. 

Pretty easy right...


  • Sandra Dolley: November 17, 2021
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    Looking forward to using it not sure how much coffee grounds to put in the filter for a cup

  • Sandra Dolley: November 17, 2021
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