How To Make Iced Coffee At Home

Here we will show you how to make iced coffee in your home within 10 minutes or less. 

This method for quick-chilling brewed coffee is sometimes called iced pour over or Japanese-style iced coffee. Here’s how it works: Part of the water used for brewing is subbed for ice, and the coffee is brewed directly onto that ice. Hot water poured over the ground coffee coaxes out much of the fats and oils that carry flavor in coffee, but rapidly cooling prevents oxidation of the coffee — preventing the funky flavor you get from hot brewed coffee that sits too long at room temperature.

Here’s what you’ll really love about this technique, though: It takes just five minutes to make a very, very delicious cup of iced coffee. And you don’t need any special equipment.

What You’ll Need for Iced Coffee in a Hurry

Besides coffee beans, water, and ice, you’ll also need a pour-over setup for brewing this iced coffee. 

Key Steps for Best Iced Coffee

  • Use the right grind. For this pour-over coffee, use a fine grind like you would for drip coffee (as opposed to the coarser grind we call for in cold brew coffee).
  • Boil and cool the hot water. Bring the water for brewing to a boil — an electric kettle is ideal for this — and then cool the water slightly before pouring over.
  • Brew slowly over 4 minutes. Here’s how the actual brewing process goes: Pour a little of the water onto the coffee and let it brew for about a minute. Then slowly pour the remaining water over the coffee after about three minutes. Anytime the coffee bubbles up and threatens to spill over the cone, stop pouring.

Once the coffee is brewed, there may still be bits of ice floating in the finished brew, you can strain these out if you want or simply pour the now-chilled coffee over ice.


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