The Perfect Cold Brew Coffee To Water Ratio

If you are reading this it can be safe to say you love cold brew as much as we do. You might be in search for a better tasting cold brew ratio or want to see if there are any other interesting ratios out there to try out!

The awesome thing about making cold brew is that it's super simple to make, however the proportion of water to coffee ratio can really change the taste of your cold brew, you can end up with a brew that is to strong, or weak, delicious or dam right disgusting.

We hope that you can get some new insight for the perfect water to coffee ratio from this guide as we explore what coffee experts say the perfect ratio is for them.

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Cold Brew Coffee Ratios

The general consensus of making the perfect cold brew coffee is that a 1:5 ratio creates a nice blend of coffee to water. 1:5 meaning one part coffee to five parts water.

If you prefer to mix it with something, you’ll want to mix equal parts, cold water, milk, or whatever other cold brew coffee recipes you like. Consider some ways to sweeten your cold brew with sweetened milk or liquid sugar.


And hey this is a good place to start! Start with the 1:5 ratio and see how you like it. You can then start exporting with either less water to coffee or more water to coffee depending on how strong you like your brew.

Todd from Le Colombe Coffee has his own little secret:

"I have a habit of taking something and poking the edges of my french press to make sure that everything gets contact with the water." 

So, keep in mind that you want to ensure that you properly soak all the coarsely ground coffee beans in the water. But, there’s still a right and wrong way to do it.


Here’s a table to help break it down for you:  


Coffee To Water Ratio

Standard Preference


Cold Brew Concentrate


High Strength French Press


Low Strength French Press



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Cold Brew Concentrate Ratio

If you have your concentrate, you’ll want to know the best cold brew coffee ratio here. Save money and time by crafting your own expert concentrate drinks at home. once you've let your cold brew steep for 12-24hrs the table below will help get you started.



Cold Brew Ratio

Mellow Taste


Strong Taste


Morning Coffee Shot

1:1 (cream instead of water)


The Importance Of Getting The Ratio Right

Let’s not forget that everything revolving around coffee is subjective to the individual (1). Some people prefer a stronger brew, while others take their coffee a bit lighter. We know that.

The problem is, a lot of people knock the cold brew because they don’t know how long to let cold brew steep. Our cold brew tips and techniques will help.

But the proportion of cold water and coffee is so important because you want to get the ideal taste for your preferences.

Also, it’s crucial to know how long is cold brew coffee good for. It’s only good for around a week in the refrigerator, so make sure you only make what you think you and your household will drink. If you’re planning a party, you can always make a little extra and plan for the week ahead.

Final Thoughts

If you don't realise the affect the coffee to water ratio has you'll have a hard time enjoying a nice tasting cold brew! At the end of the day each person has their 'perfect' ratio so use our guide as a starting point and start testing to get the perfect ratio for you.

What is your perfect ratio? Comment below, we'd love to hear from you.



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