Wild Espresso Tip's & Tricks

The Wild Espresso Maker will revolutionise the way you think abut coffee when travelling and will provide you with a high quality espresso shot anywhere in the world. 

In order to get the most of our the portable espresso maker we have put together few tips & tricks so that you get a consistent shot and can clean it hassle free. 


 1. When Travelling Bring Ground Coffee In a Canister

We recommend you bring ground coffee in an airtight canister when travelling with your Wild Espresso so you can make multiple shots! We all know one shot is never enough!


2. Hot Water Hustle

Obviously we will need boiling water to make a good espresso and these days it isn't hard to bring or find equipment that can boil some water, however if you find yourself unable to do so you can actually get FREE boiling water from most petrol stations of cafes you pass!


3. Leave Portafilter to Dry Before Cleaning

Hack number three is a good one and will cut your cleaning stress/time in half. Once you finish pulling your espresso shot the portafilter will be wet and the coffee will be messy to get out. We recommend you leave the grounds in the filter for 5-10mins so that it drys. This will allow you to easily tap the dry compressed coffee straight into your bin or compost.


4. For Quality Espresso

For THE BEST quality crema do a hot water primer by running hot water through the machine to get it up to temperature. This is especially important when making an espresso in cold temperatures!


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