Working From Home Coffee Routine

Working from home is the new normal and many of us are still trying to find the best set up to work from home & get the most out of it. There are pros and cons when working from home, just like there are pros & cons when working from the office.

The pros of working from home are that you save potentially hours of your life (depending on how close you live to work) by not having to travel to & from work each day. 

With that extra time there is another pro, you can focus your time on more important things, like your side hustle, working out, sleeping or your family!

There are obviously a bunch more pros to working from home but they're the main two & probably the most impactful.

Now what about the cons? Two of the biggest cons are...One it is a lot easier to get distracted & harder to get into 'work mode' when working from home. And two it is hard to continue or create beneficial habits/routines. 

Why is it harder to stick to routines when working from home? As humans we are impacted by our environment a lot. The environment we are in can very much influence how we feel & act. 

When working from home, in which you normally have family time, watch TV, have parties etc. your mind is in 'relax, chill or habitual' mode and not in focus/work mode. There is also no one watching you & making sure you're being productive at home compared to the office.

So, how to do you overcome this?

One of the best ways we have found too over come this change is to create new routines & habits that you enjoy (so that you'll keep doing them. And in this article we are going to cover a 'work from home coffee routine' that will help you get ready & in the zone for your work day!

Waking up

When you wake up and you're working from home, you're technically waking up in your office. This is why it is important to have a designated work from home area.  

We recommend having your coffee machine between your work area & where you sleep. You can use the making of your coffee as the queue to getting into work/focus mode!

If you find it hard to wake up & get the motivation to start the day, use your delicious coffee as motivation to get out of bed. And the cool thing about making coffee at home is you get to go through the whole process (grinding the beans, pulling the shot, frothing the milk) which can be a routine you can look forward too!

Eating that Frog...

What does that mean??? You may have heard this before, eating the frog refers to getting the hardest task or the task your most likely to put off done first thing in the day. 

We really like this idea as it sets you up for the rest of the day & relieves stress for

the remainder of the day. We recommend doing this before your coffee, again so you can have something to look forward too, however we realise this kinda task might require you to be caffeinated...So you do you.

The main thing is to start & to have something to look forward to after! 

Eating that frog

Prepping Your Brew Device

Prepping your coffee brewing device whether it is an espresso machine or a pour over filter should be apart of a routine you build. It can fun & therapeutic to prepare you coffee set up.

working from home coffee


Creating (not just making) Your Coffee

The next obvious step is creating your coffee. We say creating because coffee is too made however you like. It's odd to us how some coffee lover have 'rules' as to how coffee should be made or drunk.

Make creating your coffee special and unique to you. It's a time to get into a zen state before the work day.


working from home coffee


Post Coffee

Similarly to prepping your coffee, cleaning up your coffee space should be built into the routine and become habitual. Cleaning your coffee space before you get into the work day can act as a queue to your subconscious that it's time to get into focus mode & can declutter the mind too.


Life is always about adapting & readjusting to unexpected things. We hope this guide can help you get into a better working from home routine if you need it and/or improve your current routines.

If you have any further questions or comments please share them below!


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