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"I got it for work & travel, but am using it at home as well cause I like it so much.- Anne K"

Reusable Coffee Filter/Dripper for Pour Over Coffee

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Reusable Coffee Filter/Dripper for Pour Over Coffee

Pour over coffee has never been so easy and tasty with our reusable Stainless Steel Coffee Filter/Dripper!

Forget the hassle & expense of buying a cup of coffee & never worry about how you will make a good cup of coffee when at home, work or out camping next, we have got you covered! 

Brew a quality cup for you and your friends in the comfort of your own home or outdoors with our pour over coffee filter/dripper!


"The easiest & most delicious coffee you'll make...Perfect for home, work & camping!"

pour over coffee filter

 How To Make Pour Over Coffee

Reusable and ECO-friendly Coffee Filters


- Unlike a lot of other paper filters our reusable coffee filter won't hurt the environment, its much less of a hassle to use than paper filters... A win win!

- The filter uses twill weave technology which prevents clogging and ensures a smoother, bolder and fresher tasting coffee.

- You will not get a paper taste in your coffee...#nopaperplease #nowaste

- Perfectly sized for any cup you want to use. Perfect for single cup use and/or a small pot of coffee for family and friends.

- It needs no filter paper which could save a lot of your hard earned money... And makes a great contribution to environmental protection!

    Our filter is suitable for all brewers who are backpacking, hiking or just chilling around the house!


    Sleek & Modern Design






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    What kind of grind should I use when making filter coffee?

    • We recommend using a medium coarse grind! Too fine a grind will leave you with coffee grounds in your coffee and a grind too coarse won't drain very well...Leaving your coffee tasteless.

    How much coffee should I use? 

    • We recommend 40 grams of coffee to about 600 mls of water! For  single-origin coffee that is lightly roasted, we recommend less coffee: 30 grams for every 350 mls water.

    What is blooming? 

    • It simply refers to pouring a small amount of water over your coffee, and allowing that to sit for a short while (usually about 30 seconds) before you continue brewing. This will release carbon dioxide and make a fruitier tasting coffee!  

    Do I need a gooseneck kettle?

    • No you don't need a gooseneck kettle! Using a gooseneck kettle allows you to evenly distribute your boiling water over your ground coffee.


    Our Filter Vs Paper Filters 

    stainless steel coffee filters vs paper coffee filters


    Quality Assurance


    Coffee should always be of the highest quality which means your brew equipment should be too.

    Our stainless steel coffee filter/dripper is made with twill weave technology to ensure brewing is done without any clogging and doesn't have an annoying papery taste.

    We have added foldable "wings" to ensure that our filter will fit whatever cup, mug or glass you choose to use.

    Our stainless steel coffee filter/dripper is specifically designed to make sure that all the delicious flavours from your coffee grounds are preserved into every cup, so you'll continue to enjoying your coffee after sip!


    What 2X Espresso is all about...


    Who are we? At our core we are, travel, coffee and creative enthusiasts. We have combined these three passions to bring you 2X Espresso which will help find the best products to enjoy your coffee anywhere you go!

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    How long will my product take to arrive?

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