Cold Brew Jug & Coffee Bundle

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Coffee Size: 250grams

Type: Whole bean

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Cold Brew Jug & Coffee Bundle

What's Included?

1X Cold Brew Jug
1X 'Simples Blend' Coffee

2X Cold Brew Jug

Making quality cold brew has never been so easy and exciting with the 2X Espresso Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

Rest assured our cold brew maker is durable and has been tested rigorously! We've added a non-slip silicone base to the bottom just incase anyone were to knock this bad boy on the bench (we know a lot of other cold brew makers brake easily)

Oh and there won't be any coffee grounds escaping our fine woven filter...

Basic Brew Instructions & How to use:

 Though the process is very simple, the result is full-flavoured, creamy coffee concentrate that can be used to make a variety of drinks. 

The brewing process, though it takes several hours, requires just a minute or two of labor. And there’s really no technique required - so even newcomers can enjoy stellar cold brew.


  1. Grind about 60-70grams of coffee at a coarse grind & place the grounds in the strainer
  2. Pour 750mls of cool water in the jug and screw the lid on
  3. Steep in the counter or fridge for 8-15 hours
  4. When brewing is done take out the coffee filled filter and pour over ice or drink by itself!


simples blend coffee

Delicious Speciality Coffee...

Easily make cafe style specialty coffee with the 2X Espresso Simples Blend.

The Simples Blend is a omni blend, which means it is a blend made to suite both milk based & non-milk based coffees.

Roasted in Sydney Australia, bean origins from Columbia & Brazil.


Coffee Made For Your Home Machine

Ever wonder why your fav cafe's coffee beans don't taste as good at home?

Home machines & home grinders struggle with lighter roasted coffee & that is part of the reason 2X Espresso start roasting our own coffee!

It's roasted specifically to taste better on home machines like your Breville or Delonghi, it grinds more easily, you can extract more flavour from it and it simply tastes better.

Tasting Notes & Profile:

The Simples Blend has delicious notes of delectable milk chocolate, vibrant berries & creamy macadamias.


Milk Chocolate, Berries & Macadamia

Enjoy a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee...

It's highly likely you'll absolutely love the our coffee and find you can't live without it!

But in the unlikely event you don't...

You'll get a refund. As long as the product has been purchased within 30 days we will give you a full refund...No questions asked.

The Origins

The majority of the taste of your coffee starts with the bean. That is why so much work & quality control is put into the sourcing of the beans...The Simples Blend has been handpicked coffee from two main origins.

Sourcing & Farmer Partners

The farms in which we source our coffee from are coffee farms that are leaders in high quality specialty coffee & are always fairly traded/sourced.

Perfect for coffee lovers like you! 

At 2X Espresso we will not source any beans from child labour, unsustainable or low paid worker farms. We believe that business should always be a 'win, win win' scenario in which the farmers wins, we win & you as the customer wins.

Overtime as we grow we will be giving more back to the farmers not just by paying premium prices but by also giving back to the communities.


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