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About 2X Espresso

Who are we?

At our core, we are travel coffee and creative enthusiasts. In our travels we noticed that it IS very much possible to have a delicious cup of coffee whilst in the wilderness or at home.

As with most fresh concepts, 2X Espresso was born in Sydney Australia out of frustration...Nick the founder, was tired of paying inflated prices at cafes for an average tasting coffee & couldn't ever find the right coffee to brew at home.

As a result he started to source & roast his own green beans at home & realised another problem. There were about ten middle men between the coffee farmer & the roaster/cafes. This meant the farmers got low pay and the customer was paying a premium.

Through months of studying & research Nick also realised that if he knew how someone liked to drink coffee he could curate the perfect blend for that style of coffee drinker.

This is how 2X Espresso was born. Our mission is to curate the perfect coffee for you & work with farmers directly, cut out the middle men & pay the farmers a premium whilst giving you a fair price.

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