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The Coffee People

Who are we? At our core, we are travel coffee and creative enthusiasts. In our travels we noticed that it is very much possible to have an amazing cup of coffee whilst in the wilderness.

It all depends on the equipment and material you use. We decided to start a side adventure and create the best camping coffee equipment. From percolators, to grinders and coffee canisters we have made it our mission to bring to you the most durable, high quality equipment.

"Your journey awaits"

How to use the nanopress

Travel Journal

Explore the best travel gear to esnure you have a great cup of coffee on your exploration.

Aeropress Vs French press

Brewing Journal

Explore the best coffee products to help you make the cup of coffee that your heart desires...

Aeropress Vs French press

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Coffee Origin

Origins Journal

Interested in the A-Z of coffee??? Explore where the stuff comes from and how it tastes so good.

8 best travel coffee grinders

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Wacaco Nanopresso Review 2020

Wacaco Nanopresso Review 2020

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How to use a Percolator

How to use the the Percolator

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