How a Coffee Subscription Can Save You Money & Stress - Are They Worth it?

If you're reading this you are most likely considering signing up for a coffee subscription or you're looking for another one. Well, welcome fellow coffee lover!

In this article we want to breakdown how a coffee subscription saves you money and why they are worth it. First we will discuss who a coffee subscription is for and the pros & cons of them. 

Who is a Coffee Subscription For?

Well this is a bit of subjective answer but we believe a coffee subscription is for anyone who drinks coffee. That's it. To narrow that down a bit further, anyone who drinks coffee at least two times a week. 

Coffee subscriptions are great for people who drink coffee at least two times or more a week because they can save you money (more on this below), allow you to taste more types of coffee and find new favourites, save you a trip to your local roaster or supermarket, ensure you never run out of coffee and ensures you'll always be drinking delicious coffee you love.

Maybe a better question is what is the best coffee subscription, as there's a fair few of them! 

Well this is up to a few things like how you drink your coffee, how much you're willing to pay, how adventurous you want to be, what kind of coffee you like to drink and a fair few other variables.

For example if you love a particular roasters coffee and you don't want to try anything else, then the obvious choice is to start a subscription with them. But if you're keen to taste new blends that are curated to suite how you drink your coffee (black, with milk, pour over ect) then you might decide to go with our subscription. 

Below are the pros & cons from a broad point of view of coffee subscriptions from how we see it!


  • Cost efficient
  • Time efficient (super convenient)  
  • Allows you to expand your coffee drinking
  • Reliable 


  • If you don't drink coffee much probably not useful
  • If you hate drinking coffee at home, not for you 
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Let's Do The Math On Your Weekly Coffee Consumption

Lets say you drink your coffee from your local cafe each day. The average coffee in Australia costs about $3.99 according to statista  & lets say you have a coffee each day of the week (we all know we have more than that...) 

average cost of coffee in australia

$3.99 X 365 days of the year= $1,456.35

And thats with you only having one coffee a day. 

Okay but that is getting your coffee from a cafe, but what if you get your coffee from the supermarket or your local roaster. The average cost of a 1kg bag from either a supermarket or a local roaster is hard to judge however they can range from $20-$70+. This reddit thread explains a bit more in detail what people are paying for a 1kg bag of coffee. Let's say the average bag of coffee is $50 and lets say you go through about a 1kg of coffee a month. 

$50 X 12 months of the year = $600

Buuut, this is taking into account the cost of you driving to get the coffee and the time it takes for you to get the coffee. Lets brake this down. 

The average distance you're probably willing to travel is about 10kms max, the average petrol price lately is about $1.90 p/l (sometimes a lot more) and the average car uses 13.4 litres per 100kms.

When we do the math on that, it costs about $5.05 to get to the place in which you buy your coffee from and back.

(here are the calculations)

That adds up to $60.60 extra in travel costs & totals to $660.60 a year. However this doesn't allow you to try any different coffee's and some month you might drink more coffee and so travel costs go up and a multitude of other factors could incur that will drive the cost up. 

Now lets take a look at the economics of getting your coffee via a subscription!

The average price of a 1kg bag of coffee per month is about $65 (including shipping) Our subscription though is $55, just saying...

How did we get this average? We've studied our competitors, added up all the different prices they offer per 1kg bag of coffee and averaged it out.  

Lets use our coffee price as the example.

$55 X 12 months of the year= $660

Now you may say "I'm saving $0.60 from a coffee subscription?" In this example from a number point of view you're saving $0.60 but that is a scenario where you're travelling exactly 10kms, your car is averagely fuel efficient ect.(there's a lot of estimations) 

Aside from the saving though you don't get the convenience, savings of your time reliability and don't get to try different coffee roast suited to how you like your coffee.

coffee cafe

Buying Your Coffee Order by Order 

Buying your coffee order by order is risky and doesn't really allow you to diversify your coffee tasting. It takes time to do the research on which coffee roasters might make coffees you like and to then travel to these roasters etc. 

It is also a lot more expensive as we highlighted above, most of the specialty coffee roaster charge a lot more than $50 for a 1kg, its more in that $70 range and you might not even like their coffee!

On the other hand you could go to your local, Coles, Woolies or Aldi however their branded coffee just isn't good, to put it simply. This is our subjective decision however we've asked our expert coffee curators & people who love their daily brew and they've all said it just isn't fresh therefore isn't very nice to drink.


Are Coffee Subscriptions Worth It?

Coffee subscriptions are worth it if you can find a plan that suites your budget & lifestyle. As mentioned above they can end up saving you money & are very convenient.

That being said to really judge if they're worth it or not you need to find a plan that suites your level of coffee drinking, how you like to drink coffee & allows you to pause or cancel your subscription if you want to!

For example if your are a full on coffee connoisseur you might be happy to pay more for a plan that offers your different types of coffee from different roasters and deliverers only the most expensive coffee.

If you're more of a coffee lover (someone who drinks a lot of coffee but doesn't study coffee books) you might be less happy to pay the premium price and looking for a plan that is fairly priced but can still offer you different types of roasts curated to how you love to drink coffee.

Coffee subscriptions in our opinion are worth it as in most cases they will offer you curated coffee that is suited to how you like your coffee to taste, they most often save you money & and are very convenient!


What's Different About The 2X Coffee Subscription?

We are pretty clear on who our coffee subscription is for, it is for coffee lovers who know how they like to drink coffee & want to try different kinds of roasts that fit within that. You don't have to be a coffee connoisseur or know much about coffee at all...You just have to know how you like to drink your coffee and we'll take care of the rest. 

Our coffee subscription is best for the hard workers who drink a decent amount of coffee but also know a what a good cup of brew tastes like, students who love a caffeine hit to get them through those tough study nights and people who love to make and drink their brew where ever they go, be it camping, hiking or over work trips.

If you're interested and want to try our subscription out, you can do with a promise that if you do like your first three coffees we'll replace them all free of charge until we get it right!



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