How Much Coffee Should You Use In Your Pour Over Coffee?

A common question we get is, how much coffee should I use for my pour over coffee? It’s a fair question when there are so many different sizes of pour over filters and dripper's. How are you meant to know? 

And you don’t want to use a suboptimal amount of coffee as it will ruin the taste! In this article we will be going through the perfect ratios per pour over size. 


2X Espresso Filter Serving Sizes:

Our pour over filter can make max 2 cups of coffee at one time, is super easy to use and takes 30 seconds too clean.

How much coffee you should use depends on how much coffee you want and how strong you like it! You also need to think about how much water you’re using and the ratio between coffee & water. 

A good ratio to follow is 1:15 or 1:10 (if you like your coffee stronger), that is for every one gram of coffee you should have 15 grams of water.In the table below we breakdown grams of coffee per serving size and strength. 

1 Cup

2 Cup


20-30 grams (2-3 tablespoons)

40-45 grams (3-4 tablespoons


300-450 grams/mls

600ml-675 grams/mls


Average-strong strength

Average-strong strength


If you like your coffee stronger, we recommend adding an extra 10-15 grams of coffee per cup!

Remember these are recommendations, you can make it however you like! Test out different ratios and you may find a ratio perfect for you!

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