How To Clean Your Enamel Mug

Sometimes when you go on a long hiking or camping trip your enamel mug can get a bit discoloured. Usually, it happens after drinking tea or coffee, but don’t panic as you can always wash it off! Even if some of the stains look like they might stay in the mug forever it’s easy to get rid of them. It is recommended however to not use harsh abrasive materials, or detergents as they may scratch the enamel! 

First it may be helpful to know how enamel mugs are made? 

Traditional enamelware is not made by machine but, instead, through a multi-step process by coating cast iron or steel with a layer of powered glass & fired in a kiln. This coating prevents rust and helps evenly distribute heat throughout the surface.

How to clean your enamel mug

Cleaning Tips for your Enamelware

Do not clean your enamelware with vinegar, harsh abrasive materials, or detergents.

Hand Wash with soap

For everyday cleaning, you may wash by hand with mild dish soap.

Hand Wash with Lemon & Baking Soda

  • 1 large lemon.
  • 2-4 tsp baking soda
  • piece of cloth (cotton or linen)

You’ll need to squeeze about 20-30mls of lemon juice into your mug (doesn’t need to be exact measurements) and add 2-4 tablespoons of baking powder. The mixture should start to bubble, mix it all together and leave for 5-10 mins. Soak the cloth with the mixture and wipe off all the stains/dirt until the mug is clean! Rinse your mug out with warm water, leave to dry and you’re ready to goooooo!

Enamelware in the dishwasher

These products are dishwasher safe so if you do choose to clean them in this manner, be sure to arrange the pieces so they won't bang against other dishes and chip.

Dry your enamelware thoroughly

After washing, dry enamelware thoroughly inside and out, because water can encourage corrosion especially if there is an area of the metal that is exposed.

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