The Best Camping Coffee Filter

Have you ever been camping and wondered why it's so hard to make a nice tasting coffee? You may have tried bringing paper filters or cold brew but found that it's too much stress to do all that...

Finally there's a way to easily have a quality filtered coffee whilst camping or on adventured, and all you need is coffee, hot water and the 2X Espresso Pour Over Filter.

The Pour Over Filter is made from two materials, high quality stainless steel and BPA free lightweight plastic for durability. Being light as a feather, it is perfect to take on camping trips.

The filter comes with foldable 'wings' that will fit pretty much any cup and helps stabilise everything when pouring the hot water over.


reusable coffee filter


Once you taste the richness of the coffee you may never want to go back to paper filters again...

Cleaning & Care

Cleaning the pour over filter is as easy as washing it under the tap until you have gotten rid of the coffee grains. The stainless steel and BPA free plastic help the coffee to not stick to the filter and allow for an easy clean. 


reusable coffee filter


If you're looking for something to help you make rich tasting coffee when camping or on adventure, the Pour Over Filter by 2X Espresso is the perfect solution.

Learn more about it by clicking on the image below!


pour over coffee filter


If you don't like it, return it & we'll give your money back!

That's right, we offer a 30day free returns policy no questions asked. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase and if you're ever not then we want you to be able to get your money back!


Perfect for your home & work brew too

Of course the 2X Pour Over Filter isn't just for camping. It can be used at home & at work too. Because it is so easy to use and makes such delicious coffee most people use it everyday both at home & at work. 


What Double Shot Espresso is about

Who are we? We are at our core travel, coffee and creative enthusiasts. We have combined these three passions to bring you 2X Espresso which will help you find the best products and places to explore.

About 2X Espresso


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