The Best Camping Coffee Percolators

So you're going camping, hiking or on some kind of adventure and you want to to have a warm cup of coffee whilst on your expedition, but there are a lot of options out there, so where do you start?

Well it's important to start with the things that are important to you both from a camping point of view and a coffee point of view. From a camping point of view you may require space efficiency, light weight, easy to clean and easy to use. From a coffee point of view you may require fine grinds, fruitiness, volumes etc. 

In this review, we will be using the things that will most likely be important to you from a travel and coffee point of view to help you choose the best camping percolator for your next adventure.

Percolator sizes

Camping percolators can come in a few different sizes depending on how many cups of coffee you want from it. The size of the percolator you choose will obviously impact how much the percolator weighs, as I'm sure you will know camping is all about packing as efficiently as possible whilst still bringing what you personally want.

Some questions to ask yourself:

- Will this fit in alongside the gear I already take?

- How many cups of coffee do I want to make at a time?

- Does this percolator breakdown into smaller parts?



The ease of cleaning a piece of camping equipment can make a big difference, you don't want to be trying to clean your percolator for half an hour after you used it and you don't want to have to bring extra cleaning products just for your coffee...

You should be able to make your coffee and simply wash your equipment with some water with a little scrubbing for it to be clean. Most percolator's are made from aluminum alloy or stainless steel which are both great materials for cleaning. 

Aluminum alloy is a metal that is slippery meaning the coffee grains wash right off with some water! 


Ease of use

To produce a fine cup of coffee in most cases you will need coffee, water and a stove (or fire) The coffee you use will have to be ground (see here for the best battery powered camping coffee grinders) meaning you can bring already ground coffee or bring your own beans and grind your coffee. 

And it should be as easy as filling the percolator up with water, putting your coffee in and waiting for it to boil. However some percolators on the market are confusing and unnecessarily hard to use. It is important you factor in the ease of use when purchasing your percolator.


Now that we have discussed your criteria for choosing a camping coffee pot, lets go through the best percolators we recommend!


1. Nova 9-Cup Coffee Percolator 

The Nova 9-Cup Coffee pot is first off, a great looking percolator made from Aluminium with a matt black finish. As mentioned in the name it can make 9 cups (900 ml) of coffee and is extremely easy to use.


The Nova-9 percolator is elegant minimal looking percolator that would fit right in with your outdoor set up but also within your home! The simple design is elegant and gets the job done in the most hassle free way. The Aluminium makes it light weight and beautiful looking.


The Nova 9-Cup is a tank when it comes to durability with a Aluminium body, built to with stand the outdoors. It is built to handle extreme temperatures for the brewing process.

Ease of use

As mentioned above the minimal design of the percolator requires minimal effort to make your outdoor brew. It is as simple as unscrewing the top filling the bottom with water, putting your ground coffee within the basket, screwing the top back on and putting it over a camp fire or stove top!

With the ease of use comes the ease of cleaning too, the coffee you put within the basket can sometimes be a little hard to get off however with a small bit of elbow grease you should be fine!


2. Coleman Stainless Steel Percolator

Coleman 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Percolator 

The Coleman Percolator looks like something our cowboy ancestors would have used and defiantly fits in with the outdoor living kinda vibe! The Coleman is a simple designed percolator that can be used within your home or on your next camping trip.

The Coleman is referred to as the "espresso percolator" and is produced using stainless steel that resists erosion and wipes down super easily when cleaning up.


The Coleman contains no plastic parts, meaning there is not chance of toxic stuff going into you cup of coffee, the percolator can make up to 12 cups of coffee within the one brew more then enough for a travel crew! Overall the Coleman is practical and efficient, it may not look like the newest fanciest percolator however it does what it is made to do, really well.


The Coleman can tolerate rain, mud and dust and is rust free! It's stainless steel body makes it extremely durable to bumps and accidental drops. However the Coleman has a glass dome which just isn't practical! This is our opinion is a fatal design mistake and makes us worry when we take it camping...

Ease of use

The Coleman, like all percolators is pretty easy to use and requires minimal effort compared to some other products out there. When you're all done with it, the stainless steel makes it super easy to clean and it is as easy as wiping the parts down with a cloth!

COLETTI Bozeman Coffee Pot

The Coletti coffee pot has taken ideas from the past and mixed them with the present to create a really nice looking percolator. The Coletti company stands by the old ways of coffee and believes that coffee brewed in a percolator has its own unmatched taste. 


The Bozeman coffee pot is beautifully built with class and quality as the main ideas around the coffee pot. It is made from stainless steel that gives strength but also a nice shine to it! The stainless steel design makes it light weight and extremely durable. The coffee pot is big enough to brew 9 cups of coffee, which is practical and efficient, one could argue that the 12  cups the Coleman can brew is not needed. The percolator has a glass knob lid, which allows you to watch the brewing coffee and take it off the stove at the perfect time. The Coletti design team have cleverly added a rose wood handle which adds to the look and feel but also acts as an insulator and prevents the handle from heating up. Lastly the Bozeman coffee pot comes with 20 filters, these prevent the ground coffee from seeping into your brewed coffee!


The Bozeman' steel made body makes the percolator extremely durable to all outdoor adventures. However as the lid is made of glass the durability of the product as a whole is not amazing, it is best to keep the lid in a bit more of a secure place whilst travelling. 

Ease of Use

Similar to the Coleman and the Nova 9-cup the stainless steel body of the Bozeman makes it super easy to clean with a few wipes! The filters provided should not be reused and should be kept within your rubbish until you're able to dispose of them correctly.


There you have it, a breakdown of the best camping coffee percolators! As mentioned above it is important to think and take into account what is the most important things to you personally when travelling and looks for a coffee pot that works with your list!

Best camping coffee percolators



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