Areas of Focus:

Cognitive enhancement, health & thinking 

Study Type:

Cohort, MRI measures visual and verbal metrics

Journal Publication:

National Library Of Medicine / National Centre For Biotechnology Information

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This study investigated whether the amount of choline in people's diets affects their memory, thinking skills, and brain health. Choline is important because it helps make a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine, which is crucial for brain function. The researchers studied 1391 adults who didn't have dementia and were part of a community-based group. They filled out surveys about their diets and underwent tests to measure their memory, learning, and thinking abilities. They also had brain scans to look for signs of brain aging.

The study found that people who had higher choline intake in their diets had better memory and thinking skills, especially if they had been consuming more choline over a long time. Additionally, those who consumed more choline in the past had less brain damage related to aging. This suggests that including choline-rich foods in your diet might help protect memory and brain health as you get older.