Areas of Focus:

Alzheimers Disease

Study Type:

Analysis of multiple studies

Journal Publication:

National Library Of Medicine/National Centre For Biotechnology Information

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In this study, it's explained that Alzheimer's Disease (AD) currently doesn't have any treatments that can stop or reverse its progression in the brain. However, there are four FDA-approved drugs that can temporarily slow down cognitive decline in people with AD. These drugs work by affecting certain chemicals in the brain involved in memory and learning. Other than these medications, ongoing research is exploring different approaches to treating AD, including using a combination of drugs to target various aspects of the disease.

One promising avenue of research involves certain natural substances like Alpha GPC, phosphatidylserine, and Huperzine A, which have shown potential in improving cognitive function and slowing down cognitive decline. These substances work in different ways in the brain and may offer some benefits to people with AD.

Additionally, there are medical foods being developed that might help improve mental function in AD patients, although some of them are not yet available in the USA.