Areas of Focus:

Cognitive and physical performance

Study Type:

Analysis of multiple studies

Journal Publication:

National Library Of Medicine/National Centre For Biotechnology Information

Link To Study: 


This paper talks about the effects of ginseng on physical and mental performance. It mentions that ginseng, which is used in many health supplements, can vary in its effectiveness depending on factors like the type of ginseng, how it's preserved, and how it's extracted. Because of this variation, it's hard to study its effects accurately.

Despite these challenges, studies on animals and humans suggest that ginseng might improve physical and mental performance. However, the results are more consistent for mental performance than physical. The paper suggests that ginseng could be further researched as a natural way to boost performance, especially when compared to other supplements like bemitil and piracetam.

It also recommends that ginseng preparations should be standardised to ensure consistency. Comparing ginseng with other herbal supplements could help determine which is most effective. Additionally, combining herbal and synthesised supplements might be beneficial for health and medicine in the future.