5 Easy, Delicious & Refreshing Cold Brew Recipes

What is cold brew?

Cold brew is not a new style of making coffee, however, has become quite popular over the years especially with the specialty coffee drinkers!

It is the process of brewing coffee with cold water and letting it brew for 12-24hrs in a fridge.

In terms of taste, brewing with cold water has a pronounced effect on the flavour of the coffee, reducing the perceived acidity and producing a distinct chocolatey flavour profile. Another benefit, compared to chilling hot coffee, is that cold brew remains stable for longer in the fridge. While chilled espresso will start to turn funky in a matter of minutes, cold brew can still be tasty well over a week after brewing 

Cold brew Ratios (The Fundamentals)

There are many different ratios you can try when making cold brew, it totally depends on how you like your coffee. 

Do you like your coffee with milk?

If so the 1:5 ratio will probably be the best ratio for you to try. That is one part coffee to 5 parts water, for example if you use 50grams of coffee you will 250grams of water. 

This ratio will make a concentrated cold brew that will be perfect for adding milk too.


Do you like your coffee black?

If so the 1:15 ratio will probably be the best ratio for you to try. This ratio will give you a more diluted 'ready to drink' cold brew.

The 5 recipes we share below are just the start to what you can make with cold brew, we hope you enjoy them!


  1. Cold Brew & Tonic:

Before you judge, just try it!

Make a batch of cold brew and add about 1/4 of a cup (59mls) of tonic water to you glass of cold brew. It adds a refreshing kick to you cold brew with bubbles and.

The bright and tangy flavours of tonic's profiles provide the perfect complement to acidic coffee, making the drink equally ready to sub in for your regular morning iced coffee and satisfy the need for something sweet at 3 p.m.

If it’s after 5pm, go ahead and add some bourbon #livealittle 

cold brew and tonic


  1. Cold Brew & Coconut Milk:

Adding coconut milk to your cold brew will in rich your brew and add a little sweetness to offset the acidic coffee taste. Some people say it kinda ends up tasting like a chocolate milk!

We recommend making a more concentrated cold brew (1:5 ratio) so the added milk doesn't dilute the coffee taste too much!

Feel free to add as much milk as you like, we recommend adding about 30-60mls of milk to you cup of cold brew. 


cold brew and coconut milk


  1. Cold Brew Bitters:

Cold brew bitters? It’s cold brew, syrup and bitters shaken or stirred. 

This concoction makes a dangerously delicious drink, you'll want 5! We recommend a full glass of cold brew, 30mls of syrup and bitters.


cold brew and bitters


  1. Frothy Cold Brew:

This one is simple but effective. Simply pour your cold brew into a cocktail shaker with ice, add in syrup or spices and shake!

Pour into a glass and you will be left with a nice layer of creamy coffee froth without having any milk!


frothy cold brew


  1. Cold Brew & Orange Citrus:

When brewing your cold brew add some thin orange slices into your cold brew. Let your brew for 12 hours and you'll be left with a cold brew orange infused drink!

It is super refreshing on a hot summers day and adds a bit of freshness to the acidic taste of coffee. 


Well, there you have it, 5 delicious recipes to try this with your cold brew. Let us know your favourite recipes and if you have any more, you'd like us to add.

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