Fair Trade & Impact

Fair Trade

All 2X Espresso & our roast partners coffee's are responsibly sourced! We & our roast partners believe that the coffee supply chain can and should be a 'win win' between the coffee farmers, roasters & sellers. 

Paying coffee farmers above the cost of production is not just an ethical choice but good business too as it means farmers can continue to produce delicious coffee we all love.

Our roasters continue to work with their coffee farmers to not just avoid bad practice but support & educate the farmers communities for them to prosper!

We've seen first hand how coffee can change live and whole communities 💙

Environmental Impact

From the shipping couriers we use to the way we handle waste & to the packaging we use to ship your order out we think about & innovate to ensure we are having a positive impact on the environment.

We are striving to be apart of the Eden Reforestation Project by 2023 & of course continue having an impact each and every day.



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