How to Make Pour Over Coffee At Work!

Lets be honest coffee is an essential part of the 9-5 work day...It will get you started and will pick you up after the midday slump. A cup of coffee will also allow you to network and socialise in a more socially acceptable manner 😬

However coffee can be financially draining and challenging to find good quality. Did you know if you buy one $4.00 cup of coffee a day for a year you will spend $1,460 in a total year on coffee and lets be real we all drink more then one cup of coffee a day...

Luckily we have an easy and cheap solution, pour over coffee. Pour over is ground coffee that has been filtered via a filter/dripper which filters the grounded coffee and leaves you with delicious coffee.

Here we will show you how easy it is to make a pour over coffee at work. 


What you'll need:

  • Ground coffee
  • Coffee filter/dripper
  • Mug
  • Boiling water

Ground coffee

You can either grind your own coffee with a grinder or buy some ground beans from your local cafe, it is really up to you. It is recommended however to ensure the ground coffee is a medium coarse grind. If your coffee grind is to fine you won't get a full flavoured coffee as the water won't be able to flow through at an optimal rate. If your grind is too coarse the water will flow through to fast and your coffee will lack flavour...

Coffee filter/dripper

You can either use a reusable filter which is more environmentally friendly and easier to use or you can use paper filters. We sell an awesome pour over filter that is great for around the house, in the office and/or when you're travelling. It is important you get a filter that is easy to use and clean or the pour over process may become annoying...

reusable coffee filter


Choose any mug or cup you would like, we have added "wings" to our filter so it should fit on any cup you choose to use!

Boiling Water

You can use any kettle you like, it is recommended to use a gooseneck kettle so that when the water is poured it is evenly poured over the ground coffee, however it is not essential. 

Step 1. 

Add your 30-40 grams of coffee grounds into the filter.

Pour over coffee into filter

Step 2.

Boil your water and let it cool slightly, just so you are not boiling straight boiling water over the coffee grounds. Pour for about 10-15 seconds and stop. Now wait 30 seconds to 1 minute, this is called the "blooming" stage.

Blooming allows some gasses to release which will leave you with a nicer tasting coffee.

Pour over coffee - bloomingpour over coffee - blooming

Step 3. 

Once you have let your pour over bloom pour the remaining boiling water over the grounded coffee and let it it drip! 

pour over coffee

Step 4.

Once the water has run through the grinds and there is no more dripping you can take your filter out and tap the grounds into your compost or bin. Wollah! You have a strong and quality cup of coffee at work!

pour over coffee filter dripper